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 30 YEARS of the Bennie Museum

The Bennie Museum opened on 20th May 1989 as a museum of Bathgate’s history and life. It is run entirely by Volunteers under the management of a Charitable Trust.

Bathgate Bennie Museum – Opened 1989

Bathgate Bennie Museum – Opened 1989

The picture is of the main museum building and entrance.

Disabled access

Opening Times

Admission is free and the museum is open almost every day of the year:

11am – 4pm (April to September)
11am -3.30pm (October to March).

Special openings can be arranged for parties booking in advance.

Educational visits are welcome, and can be guided by a qualified teacher.

Our Collections

Special exhibitions are mounted on a regular basis, covering subjects as diverse as the annual Newlands Day Procession, local anniversaries, and subjects of general interest, such as toys.

If anyone has copies of Newlands’ Day Procession programmes from pre-world war 1 ,between the wars ,or 1946 to 1950 and are willing to donate or lend them to the Museum we would be pleased to hear from you as this would enable us to complete our collection.

The museum organises public lectures on specific subjects twice a year. These are normally held in May and November, in the Regal Theatre, Bathgate. Further details are available by telephoning the museum.

Educational visits are welcome, and can be guided by a qualified teacher.

your can search our collection HERE

Inside the Museum

Where we are located

Meet Museum Helpers

Our team of volunteers that help our museum



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Get in Touch

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Find our Museum

The Bennie Museum

9-11 Mansefield Street
West Lothian
EH48 4HU

Car parking opposite

Directions from railway station:

Walk towards town centre (The Steelyard) and up George Street.

Turn left at top and take first right into Mansefield Street.

Give us a ring

One of Helpers
Tel: 01506 6349440



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